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Five Essentials of Effective Parental Support: Commitment

When parents commit to their child’s education process, they are making a positive impact on the overall education community.

You may feel that your primary purpose for being involved in your child’s education is to ensure the success of your own child; however, supportive adult allies are an asset to teachers, other parents, and the other students within the learning environment.

Having a consistent group of parents that can be called upon at various times is likely a teacher’s dream. We all know it can be extremely challenging for teachers to manage their classrooms, develop challenging lessons, and maintain communication with families. Your commitment means that you have established an open line of communication, you seek opportunities to be an active partner in your child’s school or education process, and you respect the role of your child’s educators. When you commit to being a part of your child’s education experience, you not only advocate for your child within the classroom, you may also seek to become an advocate for stronger education policies.

Understand that this level of commitment doesn’t mean that you always have to be at the school. As a busy parent your time is valuable. However, there are several unique things you can do to show you are a committed, active participant in your child’s education. Remember, you don’t have to do it all. It is important that you find what works for you and your skill set, and build this understanding with your child’s education community.

When committed parents make themselves available at schools, they are also showing a commitment to other students and parents. If you’ve ever volunteered at your child’s school you know that you cannot help but interact with the other students in the classroom. In most cases, you become a positive factor in the other children’s lives as well. Moreover, when you show your commitment, you have the ability to encourage fellow parents to get involved.  In fact, being an ambassador for parental support in your child’s school could be a perfect way to show your commitment.