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My SC Education Rally 2019

On January 23, 2019 My SC Education hosted the 6th Annual My SC Education Rally in Columbia, SC to celebrate National School Choice Week and “Highlight Happiness” with education choice. We were excited to celebrate with nearly 1,500 participants that included students, teachers, parents and legislators.  Students from every education type – traditional public, public charter, public magnet, online, private and home schools – shared how their education choice is preparing them to achieve their dreams.

My Education Choice Makes Me Happy Because…
“I am in a more positive environment. I also love the experience of being in a smaller school that actually takes the time to work with us individually.” – Daisha

“I am able to take classes that accommodate my intellectual level. I love online school!” – Griffin

“I have improved from failing when I was younger and now am getting A’s and B’s!” – Nicholas

“It is one of the many education choices that has greatly impacted my life in a positive manner. I’ve been able to learn so much from my school and were it not for my school, I would not be the young man that I am today.” – Jabrel

“I know that I can achieve my dreams of going to college and getting a job.” –Madeleine

“I get to work with teachers who care for me. I get to grow surrounded by people who want me to succeed educationally and spiritually.” – Sarah

“I have good relationships with my teachers and get better grades in smaller classes.” – Sarah

“We get to have fun and learn.” – Amira

“I have the ability to take charge of my future.” – Allie

“I can focus on my work without distractions.” – Jersiah

“The school I go to is the best choice in my community. The teachers are superb and ensure your success. In comparison with other schools, our is more well‐behaved. We haven’t had any fights this year and referrals are rare. My school helps jumpstart a student’s medical career. Our students can receive certification in phlebotomy, EKG, CAN, pharmacy tech, MOA, and CPA.” – Jonathan

“I get to learn at my fullest potential and at my own pace. My education choice allows me to become prepared for whatever my future holds.” – Caldwell