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Posted August 9, 2017

Infographic: Search For Value In All Education Options

Choosing the best education pathway for your child should not be about discrediting any particular option. It is about looking for the benefits within each option and recognizing the value based on your child’s individual needs. Education is not a one-size fits all… Read More
Posted August 7, 2017

Infographic: How Should You Make Decisions About Your Child’s Education?

In this day and age we are driven by the choices available to us. From clothing, to food, to cars, and mobile devices, we often evaluate the quality of services or products on the type of options they provide. When something does not have… Read More
Posted August 6, 2017

Different Stroke Schools Too

Dr. Oran Smith, Palmetto Promise Institute In our last post, we celebrated the diversity of people, laying out the science and practical reality of the many differences between human beings, how we learn, and how we interact with one another. Thankfully, as people are different, so are schools. So here, in categories… Read More
Posted August 4, 2017

Diff’rent Strokes

Dr. Oran Smith, Palmetto Promise Institute All individuals are “wired” basically the same. They have the same attitudes, the same motivations, the same competencies, the same preferences and the same personalities. Right? Wrong! In fact, how could a notion of “human sameness” be any more out of touch with reality?… Read More
Posted August 2, 2017

Understanding the Individual Education Program (IEP) Process

JaQuinda Jackson MA, NCC, LPC, Jackson Consultings If you believe your child is having cognitive struggles in school, you have the power to initiate services. Prior to submitting a written request for your child to be tested for any learning impairments, you should discuss concerns with the school to allow… Read More
Posted July 31, 2017

The End of Average: Harvard’s Todd Rose on Why Individuality Is the Key to the Future

Is there such a thing as an “average” child? As parent of multiple children can attest, even children born within the same family differ dramatically in personality, aptitudes and interests! But the way we approach public education all too often is still based on an 1800’s era, one-size-fits all… Read More
Posted July 26, 2017

Spotlight on Fox Creek High School

Currently, there are 70 charter schools in South Carolina. Charter schools are unique public schools that are allowed the freedom to be more innovative in exchange for being held strictly accountable for advancing student achievement. They are publicly funded, do not charge tuition and are open to ALL students. Read More
Posted July 24, 2017

Spotlight on Second Baptist Christian Preparatory School

SBC Prep has been providing a high-quality, affordable private school education to 3K-5th grade students since 1995. Through the Abeka Christian curriculum and family environment; students leave SBC Prep well above grade level. SBC Prep students are equipped with a foundation for Christian growth, economic development and social responsibility. Read More