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School Types

Every student is different! Learn more about the education options available to South Carolina parents and children.
  • Traditional Public Schools Illustration

    Traditional Public Schools

    Traditional public schools – often called neighborhood schools – are the education option most familiar to many people. They are free, tax-supported schools controlled by a local school district and board and typically students are assigned to them based upon where they live.
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  • Private Schools Illustration

    Private Schools

    Private schools may be traditional or online schools that do not receive direct state or local funding. Private schools may charge tuition and have a religious mission statement. Some private schools offer scholarships or other tuition assistance programs.
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  • Public Magnet Schools Illustration

    Public Magnet Schools

    Although magnet programs in South Carolina vary widely in size and scope, they are public schools operated by a district or consortium of districts that teach all subject areas with a special themed focus such as Fine & Performing Arts; Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) and more.
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  • Public Charter Schools Illustration

    Public Charter Schools

    Charter schools are unique public schools that are allowed the freedom to be more innovative in exchange for being held strictly accountable for advancing student achievement. They are publically funded, do not charge tuition and are open to ALL students.
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  • Virtual Schools Illustration

    Virtual Schools

    Tuition-free online public school programs come in different shapes and sizes. From the South Carolina Department of Education’s VirtualSC online classes, to the Public Charter School District’s full-time virtual schools, more and more students are enrolling in this education option each year.
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  • Home Schooling Illustration

    Home Schooling

    Under South Carolina’s home school law, children can learn at home and do not have to enroll full-time in a traditional school. Children may take online classes, use home-based instruction, or attend K-12 and even college classes in various settings.
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  • Exceptional SC Scholarships Illustration

    Exceptional SC Scholarships

    Exceptional SC is South Carolina’s first private education choice program. It awards scholarships, or allows parents to claim refundable tax credits, of up to $11,000 for tuition at eligible private schools on behalf of individual children with qualifying exceptional needs.
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  • Special Schools Illustration

    Special Schools

    A handful of public schools in South Carolina fall outside the traditional categories. These special schools include places such as the Governor’s Schools and the South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind.
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